Brand Design

Branding is our job. Bitterblond makes you visible

Are you an enthusiastic entrepreneur? Do you have a great business plan but no logo or matching brand identity? Are you an existing entrepreneur who has found that your brand needs to be refreshed? Please contact us, and we will brainstorm about the best way you can visually present yourself to your audience. We make sure that your business appears best to your target market so you can focus on your business, resulting in the greatest possible success for your company.

When the design phase is complete, we will give you a corporate identity manual so you can effectively cultivate your brand identity on all channels. If your brand is not consistent from your corporate website to your social media accounts, such as Instagram, your (potential) customers may become confused. A consistent, recognizable brand makes you stand out and helps you build trust with your customers.


Every business is different, so we have three different packages. For each option, we start with an analysis of the company, including its philosophy, and the message you want to send to your customers. We translate this onto a mood board and produce the first design sketch of your logo. Then, we complete a corporate identity package (if desired).

Interested? Contact us.