Bitterblond is a design studio, located in the inspirational city of Barcelona. In this scenery of light, colour and art, where past embraces the present, we find our inspiration. Bitterblond has everything under one roof and provides a complete design package, from swirling commercials on paper, pixel precise websites and professional promotional films to leading trade fair stands. All at competitive rates and with a personal touch. Our office has experience with both large and small projects, across numerous industries.

Bitterblond always looks for that unique solution to each communication need. Within this context, our team of experts uses a service-oriented and personal approach, always using vibrant custom design and development. We guarantee consistent, outstanding quality, always with that unique Bitterblond signature.


You can contact us for:

• Graphic Design: from a basic idea to a perfect development of house styles, brochures, posters/ flyers, office decoration and
fair stands.
• Web design: from scratch design to technical realization, everything you need: HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, XML, Javascript.
From static to dynamic corporate websites. Our offering includes website maintenance and a Content Management System
(CMS) which together form the “engine” and “ maintenance tool” for dynamic websites.
• Photography:we deal with all forms of advertising photography, and even artistic portrait photography, wedding photography
and nature recordings.
• Film: from a short 30-seconds professional impression to a longer promotional video or advertising film. We provide not
only the filming and editing, but also any processing with all kinds of special effects.
• Architecture: from analysis to concept, through unique design to line drawing that is ready for construction. This may also
be further detailed in a clear art impression or 3D-presentation.

A small summary…
1.  Clear communication, pragmatic approach, budget conscious
2. Direct contact with the specialists, personal attention
3. Excellent creative and technical level
4. Limited size, so flexible and alert
5. Means free thinking, daring and doing

A picture is worth a thousand words, that’s why we have set up an extensive portfolio. Seeing is believing!


Tasting something that is bitter sharpens you up! It's one of the elementary tastes but with its strong flavour it's not the most obvious. Like our designs: distinctive, compelling and always unique. The blond(e) keeps the bitter in balance, providing reliability. Like our service: enthusiastic, flexible and professional. And of course, blondes have more fun! ;)

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