Online Marketing

Don't you have enough time to keep up with your social media?

Are you looking for better online visibility?

Would you like continuity in your content and social media?

Would you like to score better in Google searches by providing better content?

Would you like to get started with social media ads?

Are you looking for professional help with all of this?

Hi there! We are Bitterblond, and we are pleased to help you strengthen your brand online. You may have many ideas you want to apply to your social media channels, but you may not have the time to get it all done while you are running your business. Whether you are based in our oh-so-beloved Barcelona or far from here, we can be your virtual assistants.

If you want to focus on your business, we can provide your company’s online promotion. Anything goes in a good consultation; your ideas are still a must because you are the heart of your company. As virtual assistants, we can do the following things for you:

  • Create a strategic monthly plan;
  • Think along with your ideas and follow up;
  • Design with continuity and in line with your (desired) company image;
  • Implement the strategy so you no longer have to think about when and what to place on your social media channels;
  • Gather valuable information from your target group for the strategy.




The foundation of successful marketing is a clear strategy and good content. We are eager to strengthen your brand experience online and help your business grow. Therefore, we will collaborate with you to investigate who you want to reach and identify your goals.

You cannot be everything to everyone, so dare to pursue a good strategy. Online competition is rapid, but with beautiful, substantive content, you are always one step ahead. We work with you to research the existing content, develop your plans, and identify the content we may have to create to achieve your goals.

In short, we can do the following for you:

  • Use our years of experience in graphic design to ensure that your posts look awesome (pixel exactly and with professional photography);
  • Choose the right content creation based on the amenities you desire, your budget, and the strategy we adopt, and create your content on different levels, including photography, graphic design, infographics, or videos;
  • Search for the right channels to spread your message and increase your visibility on a monthly basis;
  • Work on a monthly strategy so everything is constantly in motion, which requires flexibility, and identify and discuss other options with you.

To reach your marketing goals, everything must be considered, and it all must look fabulous. No matter which of the social media plans you choose, the following outputs are always included:

  • Mood board;
  • Market research and analysis;
  • Content plan and planning for three months.


Have you noticed that managing your social media is time consuming? In addition, it may not look exactly like what you had in mind. We are happy to help you with this executive work so you can put your valuable time into your company.

In short, we help you do the following:

  • Set up your social media channels based on your brand identity guidelines;
  • Develop a strategy by identifying your target market and the best way to approach that market;
  • Design the posts (see content marketing);
  • Post on your targeted social media channels;
  • Conduct a monthly review of the result of the work and discuss the plan for the next month so everything is clear and approved by you in advance;
  • Advise you on content and possible advertising opportunities each month;
  • Webcare. With the arrival of social media, contact with your target group is increasingly intensive and important. The advantage of this contact is that you can create a fanbase, and that fanbase becomes the best advertisement for your brand. The downside is that you must quickly and explicitly respond to comments and questions via social media to comply with the wishes of the algorithm and keep your fans happy. We can support your company with this part of social media as well.