Graphic Design

Design is the silent ambassador for your brand - Paul Rand

Our brains form a judgement about others within the first few seconds of meeting them. Even before the other person has said anything, we have an opinion. This is human, and we cannot and will not change anything.

It works the same with the look of your company. We can help you optimize this so that your (potential) customers develop a powerful, positive opinion of your company based on a strong visual image. A good brand identity communicates your corporate philosophy and message effectively. It distinguishes your company both on and offline. It is no secret that a professional visual character attracts people to your brand, earlier contact or make a purchase more easily. There are many important factors in a brand identity, but a good design is an important foundation you can build on.

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Branding is our job.
Bitterblond makes you visible.

Are you an enthusiastic entrepreneur?
Do you have a great business plan but no logo or matching brand identity? Are you an existing entrepreneur who has found that your brand needs to be refreshed? Please contact us, and we will brainstorm about the best way you can visually present yourself to your audience. We make sure that your business appears best to your target market so you can focus on your business, resulting in the greatest possible success for your company.


We design and arrange your magazine from a to z, from the design to the delivery of the printed magazine. We give your magazine an identity that is in line with the target group so the reader is able to identify the content based on the cover.


In addition to a brand identity and magazine design, we are able to design a wide range of business materials, including invitations, flyers, or packages, as well as larger products, such as exhibition stands.
Explain your needs to us, and we will work with you on the terms of the design. We offer you reliable Dutch graphic design help in beautiful Barcelona.