We create digital design languages for ambitious brands.


We don’t just start on a website. We want to get to know your brand first, and we want to know exactly who your audience is so that we can build a strategic concept. When this is done, we start creating a design that we hope is so awesome, it will just make you fall out of your chair! We think about functionality first, while always keeping esthetics and usability in mind. Based on your feedback on the preliminary design, we will finish designing the whole website until every detail has been taken care of. Throughout the process, we will continue to communicate with you so that we reach the perfect end result. If your company is located in Barcelona or the surrounding area, we will meet with you for a midterm work session. Hopefully, all of this is exactly what you are looking for in a design studio. We look forward to hearing more from you!


Depending on the requirements and complexity of your website, we can program it from scratch so that it will be totally custom-made, or we can build it in WordPress. If it is not a complex website, we recommend that you let us build it in WordPress, and we’d be happy to explain more about that to you. No matter what option you choose, your website will always be unique. After completion, we’ll give you a detailed explanation of how your website works so that you can always add products, blog posts, photos, and more by yourself. Also, you can track all your visitors’ basic information via a link to Google Analytics, helping you turn visitors into customers more easily.




If possible, we would like to meet you in real life while enjoying a cortado'tje somewhere on a terrace in Barcelona. We would love to hear more about your company and what you think it needs. This is so we know where to concentrate our creativity and experience to help your company to reach its highest possible professional level.


Strategy is about making choices.

Are we a good match for you? If so, we can start on the visual strategic plan for your company.

By telling your own story and creating an experience that reflects your company’s philosophy, you ensure that visitors will stay longer on your website and will feel more directly connected to your brand. We analyze the needs of your company and your target group and form a future-oriented strategy. Our top goal is the highest possible conversion rate, and all the other parts are focused on that.


Once we have discussed the strategy, we will start with the “sketch phase,” where we work on ideas from both parties. When the preliminary design is finished, we will show it to you and analyze your feedback. We will explain why we made certain choices. For example, if you have given an example for a certain design that is not so good for the conversion of usability, we will clearly explain to you in detail why it would be better to use another design or set-up. Once we all agree on the ideas and the set-up, we will go through with the final design.


At this point, the design and techniques are all clearly worked out. There is now a plan that shows the digital face of your company perfectly. During a meeting, we will discuss everything with you, and we will dot the i’s and cross the t’s so that the website is exactly what you wished for.


Even though it feels like we are finished, it is important to see if everything works properly and is easily visible across different screen sizes. So, we will test your website in different operating systems and browsers and will ask you to do the same.


Once you’re deliriously happy with your website and everything is working properly, then we can put the website online and make a toast! You don’t want to sit back and wait, of course—you are ready for the next step in your online branding. Click here >> to see the possibilities.

INVESTMENT from €1695,-
Email or call us for more information or a quote.



For our more ambitious customers who would like to have something else designed after the completion of the brand identity or website, there is a special strip card available. For example, it may be that you need a flyer for an opening event or other promotion. We will ensure that it matches exactly with your corporate identity and website, so that all your company’s visuals have a consistent and professional look. With the strip card, you get a 20% discount off the normal rate. You can choose from:

4 hours for €144,-
8 hours for €288,-
16 hours for €576,-

The strip card is valid for 3 months.