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Graphic design Bitterblond Barcelona

Brand Identity & Graphic Design

Bitterblond can help you optimize your corporate identity so that your (potential) customers develop a powerful, positive first opinion of your company based on a strong visual image. A good brand identity communicates your corporate philosophy and message effectively. It distinguishes your company both on and offline.

WebDesign Bitterblond Barcelona


After that first impression you need to have a strong webdesign. Your website needs to be clear, SEO friendly, attractive and user friendly. This applies to all businesses, wether you are a lawer firm or a coach. Your website needs to clear up all questions the potential client has. We get to this by a thorough analyse and a clear webdesign!

Social Media & Content Design Bitterblond Barcelona

Online Marketing

Last but not least it's important to have a good marketing plan. Have you noticed how time consuming it is to maintain it all and to get the right images and information at your target group. Bitterblond helps you out, with an effective plan conform your companies direction.

is the silent ambassador
of your brand

How strong is your brand? Do people remember your name and your visuals? Do you differ enough from your competition?

A strong brand identity and creative professional marketing will help your company grow. Think of the brands you love, immediately there will pop up some visuals in your head, right? A good brand design works on your emotion. When you reach that point, people become supporters of your brand and this is the best advertisement for your company. So let us help your brand grow and start with a strong brand identity and design.

We are a graphic- and web design studio with more than 15 years of experience. We are passionate about letting brands grow.

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