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Web Design and Usability 

Additionally, visitors to websites must be able to easily locate the information they were seeking; websites should also entice visitors to consider any additional services that you offer. To help accomplish these goals, a sidebar, popups, a link to your online store, or a notation that “other clients bought this as well” should be utilized. 

A website need to make an immediate great impression: this is who we are and this is why you should be with us. While many things are important for a website to be successful, an impressive and eye-catching web design is a top necessity. This, to make visitors willing to see as much as possible of you in the first place. 

Why is it important to make a website easy to navigate?Imagine yourself in a new city — it’s highly likely that you don’t want to get lost or spend your time searching for a specific attraction. Instead, you would prefer clear and concise directions that would quickly guide you to your point of interest. After reaching your destination, you may decide to leisurely wonder around, which would result in new experiences. A website experience is similar—you want to make it easy to navigate. After your potential clients locate the information they were initially seeking, you then want them to explore your website and learn about the other products and services you offer. We can help you create a website that is akin to the perfect city tour; it would be complete with highlights, undiscovered gems, and many other areas that your clients would want to further investigate. 

Moreover, having a clear website setup will help you to increase your ranking in the search engines. To ensure that your website is easily navigable, the website framework will be established followed by the calls to action. It is important to determine what is most important to you and to set your conversion goals accordingly. When these steps have been successfully accomplished and implemented, your website visitors will be led to new areas. 

Finally, after the framework and calls to action have been well-defined, the image that you want to transmit with your website will be reviewed. If you have already established your brand identity, your website should incorporate your brand identity colors, elements, photography, and text. 

SEO for your Website 

In addition to having an attractive website, people should be able to find it—so make it rank. There are many, constantly changing factors that will help you to achieve a better website ranking. Listed below are several suggestions to help you attain a higher website ranking.

  • Place the main keyword of the page in the title, preferably at the beginning 
  • Keep images as small as possible and use keywords (that fit to the photo) in the captions 
  • Apply long- and short tail keywords in your texts 
  • Ensure you have used a clear and concise meta description with the keyword  
  • Use a safe hosting company that offers a green slot in the URL bar (SSL). 

Although there is much more to consider, when you do the above, you have taken a large step in the right direction. 

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